Sep 1 Realize automotive precision engineering with Tolerance Analysis

Sep 1 Realize automotive precision engineering with Tolerance Analysis
Introduction When one-dimensional tolerance analysis only considers a single direction, resulting in a gap between the calculated results and the actual results, the three-dimensional tolerance analysis presents a comprehensive and close-to-real variation, especially for the variation caused by manufacturing and assembly, and the analysis results more in line with the actual situation can be obtained. In short, three-dimensional consideration is difficult with simple manual calculations such as Excel, and accurate analysis results cannot be obtained, especially in the complex automotive industry. 
CETOL 6σ is the most powerful tolerance analysis software in the world. This revolutionary solution solves the common complexity and inaccuracy of tolerance analysis. Designers and engineers can use CETOL 6σ to see the impact of the setting and change of tolerances to the entire assembly and to the functional requirements, so as to produce higher quality and high reliability final products.
Many major automobile manufacturers or electronic equipment factories around the world have introduced CETOL 6σ to achieve improved assembly, effective tolerance management and product quality improvement. In this webinar, Leon Peng from Sigmetrix will introduce the powerful functions and advantages of CETOL 6σ, especially for the integration of CAD software commonly used in the automotive industry to understand the impact of tolerance changes on the overall assembly behavior and to help the team shorten the development time to achieve the goal of robust design.
Suitable for

CAD engineers who have to define tolerance, especially work in automotive electronics and OEM companies. 

Date/Time Sep 1 2021
10:00-11:00 UTC+8, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila
9:00-10:00 UTC+7, Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta 

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Singapore & Malaysia & other ASEAN countries except for Thailand, Vietnam 
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