July 22 Accurate Lens Stray Light Analysis with measured BSDF webinar

July 22 Accurate Lens Stray Light Analysis with measured BSDF webinar
Stray light is common non-primary path which is unwanted since it usually interferes with the performance of an optical system’s intended functions. Unwanted stray light can occur in either imaging or projection systems and it can reduce the contrast of the image by adding unwanted light to the image.

This presentation will introduce the basic concept of lens stray light and explain how to use LightTools to analyze lens stray light. The surface scattering characteristics of the Lens module will be a critical parameter. The content will involve the introduction of Synopsys' scattering measurement solutions to help improve the accuracy of lens stray light analysis.

  • Introduction to Stray Light in a Lens Module
  • LightTools Lens Stray Light Analysis
  • The Importance of Surface Scattering Properties
  • BSDF Scattering Measurement Solution
  • Conclusion
Suitable for

Optical engineers of lens system design. 

Date/Time July 22 2021
10:00-11:00 UTC+8, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila
9:00-10:00 UTC+7, Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta 

Please mind the webinar time difference in your timezone.

E-mail: information@cybernet.asia
Phone: +6012-3251087


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