August 11 5G antenna packaging PCB Electronics-Thermal coupling analysis webinar

August 11 5G antenna packaging PCB Electronics-Thermal coupling analysis webinar
Introduction Millimeter wave (mmWave) frequency bonds are being used in many applications With the advent of 5G era. The traditional method that merely focused on the performance of antenna and antenna array is not enough for the use of mmWave band designing. The designers need to take into account the influence of more physical quantities and the resulting micro-size effects into the design.

When designing mmWave devices, conditions such as environment and temperature changes which are not considered before are needed to be incorporated into design now.

Ansys provides comprehensive solutions in 5G mmWave and AiP (antenna in package) design. Designers can use Ansys HFSS and Ansys SIwave in many applications, including the elements of antenna, antenna array, AiP, installed antenna performance, TX/RX transmission analysis, and the thermal coupling of PCB and chips. Ansys helps designers to accelerate the design process and seize the opportunities in 5G industry.
Suitable for

CAE engineers and students in EE department who are doing 5G antenna analysis. 

Date/Time August 11 2021
10:00-11:30 UTC+8, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila
9:00-10:30 UTC+7, Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta 

Please mind the webinar time difference in your timezone.

Singapore & Malaysia & other ASEAN countries except for Thailand, Vietnam 
Jim +6016 9262 897 

Long +84 988 556 301

Peerachart +66 806224834

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